New Robot in the Works

For years now, I have wanted to build a robot to compete in Trinity College’s Fire-Fighting Robot Competition.  In this competition, the robot must navigate a mock-layout of a house, locate and identify a fire(a candle), extinguish the fire, and then return to the starting position.

My robot will consist of a the following parts, with more to be added as I progress:

  • Axon II Microcontroller(ATmega640 based)
  • (3) Maxbotix EZ1 Sonar Modules
  • (2-4) Parallax/Futaba Continuous-Rotation Servos
  • (5) Pololu QTR-1A Reflectance Sensors(floor/edge detection)
  • DFRobot Flame Sensor
fire-fighting robot
Some of the robot’s primary components.

In future posts I will cover chassis design and fabrication, electronics installation, ATmega programming, and testing.

-Dave Barrett

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