Pi-Hole with PoE(Power Over Ethernet) – Assembly

Pi-Hole built with a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and a PoE hat.

I’ve been wanting to build a Pi-Hole and install it on my home network for quite some time. It’s one of those projects that checks all of the boxes for me: it mixes hardware with software, includes a little bit of networking, and (best of all) it’s actually useful. What is a Pi-Hole? A Pi-Hole … Read more

LazySysAdmin Vulnerable Machine Walk-through

WX6k7NJtA8gfk*w5J3&T@*Ga6!0o5UP89hMVEQ#PT9851 - LazySysAdmin Proof/Flag

LazySysAdmin is a vulnerable machine available on VulnHub.com. It’s a relatively easy machine, and shouldn’t prove to be too hard for most beginner-intermediate people. Enumerating LazySysAdmin I began enumeration with a simple nmap scan. The Red Team Field Manual is a great reference for tools like nmap. nmap Starting Nmap 7.60 ( https://nmap.org ) … Read more

Quaoar Vulnerable-Machine Walkthrough

Hacking the Quaoar vulnerable machine, available on vulnhub.com

Quaoar is a vulnerable virtual-machine available on Vulnhub.com. It is designed with beginners in mind, and doesn’t require the use of any advanced exploitation techniques. ENUMERATION I already knew Quaoar’s IP address(, as it is displayed when the machine initially boots up. So I began with a standard nmap scan to see what services the … Read more

“Mr. Robot” VulnHub VM Writeup

Mr. Robot is a Linux-based vulnerable machine available on VulnHub.com. According to the author, the machine has three hidden flags which get progressively harder to find. Mr. Robot is considered beginner/intermediate level, and doesn’t require any advanced exploitation techniques to conquer. ENUMERATION The Mr. Robot VM is running on a host-only adapter/network of The … Read more

“Stapler” Vulnhub VM Writeup

In this walkthrough we will cover reconnaissance, enumeration, and exploitation of the “Stapler” vulnerable-machine from VulnHub. According to the author, this machine has multiple ways to gain limited shells and root access – so don’t assume this was the only way to root this machine. INFORMATION GATHERING I’m running Stapler on VirtualBox with a host-only … Read more

New Robot in the Works

fire-fighting robot

For years now, I have wanted to build a robot to compete in Trinity College’s Fire-Fighting Robot Competition.  In this competition, the robot must navigate a mock-layout of a house, locate and identify a fire(a candle), extinguish the fire, and then return to the starting position. My robot will consist of a the following parts, … Read more

Racecar Re-wiring: Relay/Fuse-panel

Racecar relay and fuse panel

For the 2016 racing season, I decided to completely re-wire my buddy’s Mustang from front to back. I originally wired the car in 2012 on a shoe-string budget and a huge time constraint.  Over the past few seasons, we made multiple changes to the car including a few different engines, different ignition systems, different nitrous … Read more